Bespoke Pricing

 As well as the more common VA model of charging by the hour, I can also offer a bespoke fixed monthly fee based on your requirements.

Doing it this way gives you two key advantages.  Firstly, you’ll know exactly how much to budget for each month, and secondly, I’ll always take care of the tasks you set me, regardless of how long it takes. No hidden costs, no changes to the price if something takes longer than expected.

In situations where the tasks you give me each month will vary, a monthly retainer package may suit you better. You could pre-book 5 or 10 hours a month, for example, and utilise them as you need to.

My standard hourly rate is £30.

To get a bespoke quote based on your needs or to discuss a monthly retainer, book a free 1-hour consultation and we’ll go from there.

For one-off projects where you’re not looking for support on an ongoing basis, there’s a minimum fee of £150. There is no minimum fee when it comes to my monthly retainer or bespoke packages. Current client packages range from £90 - £700/per month.

*** I offer a 15% discount to Registered Charities and Social Enterprises ***

Please refer to my Terms of Business for payment terms.