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  Deciding to outsource is a big move, and I know you’ll have lots of questions.

To save both of us time, I’ve answered some common ones here.

We’ll chat about the finer details during your FREE 1:1 consultation , but until then, this page might be of some help.

Firstly, I don’t work on site and I don't offer a call answering service, or take on accountancy work, such as invoicing, bookkeeping and credit control. But  I do have a network of trusted professionals that I can call upon if you need a service I don’t provide.

Just send me an email to let me know what you need: [email protected]

Getting started

  1. How do I get started?
    If you’re here because you need some help, but you have no idea where to start, I can guide you. My FREE worksheet will you help you determine which tasks you loathe, like and love. Once you have that figured out, it’ll be easier to start looking at what you might outsource. During your FREE 1:1 consultation, we’ll chat about the tasks you’re considering outsourcing and figure out how that might work. There’s no rush to decide and I won’t put any pressure on you to commit – that’s just not my style. If you do decide to go ahead, we’ll work out the terms of our agreement and then put some plans in place to start working together.
  2. Won’t it be too hard to set all this up?
    Like most new challenges, it’s often that first step that’s the hardest part. Once we get talking, I’m sure you’ll find this process easier than you first imagined it might be. After all, my business exists to make life easier for busy people like you, so I’ll do my best to make things as straight-forward as possible. I won’t lie to you - it is going take a little time and effort on your part, but that’ll be energy well spent in the long run.
  3. Won’t it be quicker for me to just do this myself?
    Think long term. You can keep struggling on the way you are, or you can take action and make some positive steps in the right direction. It may be quicker for you to just get the job done yourself now, but what about the next time the task needs doing, and the time after that? And what about the next time your workload gets too heavy and you need an extra pair of hands from someone who gets your business? Wouldn’t you rather make a sensible decision now, rather than a rushed one later down the line? It’ll take time to open those lines of communication and develop some processes for working together, but once we are up and running, you’ll feel the benefits immediately.
  4. I have too much else going on right now.
    I understand that it may seem counterintuitive, putting that to-do list aside for a while whilst you look at what and how you might delegate. I don’t know your situation right now and I’m not here to force you into something that isn’t right for you. What I will say is that, depending on my availability, we could be up and running within a matter of days. If there are some simple tasks I can take from you without the need for a big handover, think about how much difference that could make to your workload. In my experience, the people who have no time to delegate are often the people who need to the most.
  5. I don’t know where to start. How can I communicate everything that’s in my head?
    It may feel daunting, the thought of having to put everything down on paper (or on screen) in a way that someone else can make sense of, but trust me – you’ll find the process helpful. Not only will it help you to clarify your ideas and set priorities, it’ll give you more power when it comes to making a decision and following through with it. We can use a combination of useful tools, starting with my FREE worksheet that will help you identify which tasks you loathe, like and love. We’ll also develop a system for communicating, be it in a project management tool like Trello or Asana, or via email, phone, Slack or something else. Remember, my priority here is to make life easier for you, so I’ll do everything I can to help get things started.

Your budget

  1. What are your rates?
    My standard hourly rate is £30, but as well as the more common VA model of charging by the hour, I can also offer a bespoke fixed monthly fee based on your requirements. Doing it this way gives you two key advantages. Firstly, you’ll know exactly how much to budget for each month, and secondly, I’ll always take care of the tasks you set me, regardless of how long it takes. No hidden costs, no changes to the price if something takes longer than expected. In situations where the tasks you give me each month will vary, a monthly retainer package may suit you better. You could pre-book 5 or 10 hours a month, for example, and utilise them as you need to. To get a bespoke quote based on your needs or to discuss a monthly retainer, book a FREE 1:1 consultation and we’ll go from there. For one-off projects where you’re not looking for support on an ongoing basis, there’s a minimum fee of £150. There is no minimum fee when it comes to my monthly retainer or bespoke packages. Current client packages range from £90 - £700/per month.
  2. Will I be able to afford you?
    The benefits of working with me amount to far more than just the time you’ll save. Think about everything you could achieve when you have more time and energy to play to your strengths and work on the things you’re passionate about. Think how empowering it’ll feel to see things happening in your business at a much quicker pace. All those things you’ve been meaning to do for so long, but haven’t had the time for? Let’s do them. Those ambitious goals you’ve been afraid to put down on paper? Let’s start working towards them. When you find the right VA for you, it can transform the way you run your business. The real question is, can you afford not to invest in a VA? There’s little chance your business will grow if you don’t bring in some support.
  3. What are your payment terms?
    We’ll agree our own terms together, but here’s how it works with most of my other clients: - The project terms will be set out in writing, so it’s clear to both of us what’s expected of me and at what cost to you. - Fixed monthly fees and retainer packages are payable in advance on the 1st of the month via GoCardless direct debit. Other payment methods can be agreed at your request. - There may be additional fees if you request a last-minute turnaround or ask me to work out of hours, or if the scope of the work changes from what was originally agreed. Any such additional fees accrued during the month will be invoiced at month end on 7-day payment terms. - One-off projects require a minimum of 50% deposit before work commences. - For one-off projects, I prefer payment via direct bank transfer, but I can accommodate other options if necessary.
  4. Are there any hidden costs?
    There are zero hidden costs. You’ll get a bespoke, fixed quote upfront, along with clear terms of what’s included in our agreement. If any additional costs come up, such as software fees, for example, I’ll always get your consent before progressing. If the work goes beyond the scope of what we originally agreed, we’ll have a chat about how that affects my rates. You will always be in the loop, and I’ll never charge you for anything that we haven’t already agreed on.
  5. I need to use this money for something else.
    Through my own experience, I know that there’s little better for a small business than an extra pair of hands. The thing that often limits us small business owners the most is our lack of time and resources. There’s a lot we want to achieve, but we have to learn to filter out what’s not right for us and prioritise the opportunities that will offer the highest return on investment. Working with me, you’ll get so much more than just a bit of extra time. We’ll develop smarter processes that allow you to get more done, and you’ll have the freedom to focus on your strengths and the things you love about your work. When you’re given the opportunity to work on your passions, you’ll feel your energy, motivation and determination grow. Not only is that good for your business, but it’s good for you, too. I want you to feel satisfied and fulfilled in your work, and I know you can get that by outsourcing the tasks that don’t bring you joy.
  6. I can get the same services cheaper elsewhere.
    The thing about virtual assistants is that we’re all unique. No two VAs offer the same service, because we all have different strengths and different ways of working. Not only that, but we all have different personalities and beliefs too, and I believe that finding the right VA for you means finding someone you like and trust. If you want to have a friendly, supportive and collaborative relationship with your VA, then that means seeking out someone like me, who shares those same values. Read more about me on the Start here page or get to know me on social media.
  7. I don’t have a big budget; will outsourcing just a little bit of work even make a difference?
    Sure. Remember, it’s not just about the time you save, but about the space it frees up in your head. It’s also about the opportunity it gives you to offload the things that frustrate you or take up more of your energy than they probably should. Plus, your budget might be small right now, but you hope it will grow in the future, right? We can start off slowly and build up the amount of work you give me overtime, as your business does grow. (Because it WILL grow. I have faith in that, and you should too!)
  8. I don’t make enough money to cover hiring a VA.
    I guess it comes down to what your goals are. Do you have plans for how to make more money? And can you realistically achieve those plans without support? Working with me is about more than just having an extra pair of hands - it’s an investment. It’s an investment in yourself and in your business because it’s giving you the space you need to grow, to plan, to create, and to start working towards those goals you have. You can keep going the way you are, or you can take action now and make an investment in the future of your business. Maybe you’ll take a hit for a while, but you’ll also have a big opportunity to move your business forward.
  9. Hiring a VA just isn’t a priority for me right now.
    It’s only my opinion, and sure, I might be a little biased, but I truly believe that hiring a VA to support you in business will be one of the best moves you ever make. If you can learn to delegate your weaknesses and focus on your strengths, you’ll develop a smarter way of running your business and a more satisfying approach to your work. When it comes to priorities, there’s nothing more important than figuring out a way to do more of what you love and less of what you don’t. That’s why we’re all here, isn’t it?

Working together

  1. I don’t understand how this will work.
    There’s no set way of doing this and we can work together to find a way of communicating and managing your workload. It all starts with identifying the tasks you want to outsource, and to help you with that I’ve created a FREE worksheet where you can write down the tasks you loathe, like and love. From there, we’ll be able to identify what I can help with and how that might work. With other clients, I use a mixture of project management tools like Trello or Asana, as well as email, Slack and direct messaging to stay in touch and manage a to-do list. We can always pick up the phone to chat, too, though I find it’s always good to have a paper trail to look back on. We’ll go through all of this in more detail during your FREE 1:1 consultation.
  2. Will I have time to manage this going forward?
    I’m a quick learner and I’m already up to speed with a wide variety of systems and software. I’m good at working solo without supervision, so you can expect not to have to micromanage everything I’m doing. I have a keen eye for detail and quality is important to me, so you can also feel confident that I’ll get things right the first time around. Of course, it depends on what the tasks you give me are as to how much we’ll need to interact, but the aim is always for you to be able to leave things with me and trust that they’ll get done. If we get started and you find that things are taking too long, or you’d like to manage something differently, you can let me know. I’m always happy to revise my approach to suit you.
  3. How can I trust you?
    I’m a freelancer and a business owner myself, so I understand your concerns. You don’t have a lot of resources when it comes to making an investment like this in your business, and you want to get it right. I can show you the positive feedback I’ve had from clients and make promises to always deliver my best, but the chances are - you’ll already have a gut feeling anyway. If you like what you see here, and you feel like we could get on, then maybe I’m your type of person? Because that’s all it comes down to, really. You just want to know that you’ve found someone who gets you and someone you can get on with. Maybe we can have a chat on the phone to see if we click?
  4. What if it doesn’t work out; I don’t want to get stuck in a contract.
    You’ll never have to commit to any more than you’re comfortable with. For regular, monthly support, I’ll ask you to agree to a fixed monthly fee or retainer package, because I can offer my best when I’m able to plan ahead and schedule my time. Should your requirements change, we can review and adjust the fee accordingly, but 30-days’ notice is required to cancel or amend. Your only commitment is the 30-day notice period. For one-off projects, there’s no commitment beyond the scope of what we agree at the outset.
  5. I’m already working with someone else.
    I’m not here to try and take business away from other VAs, but I do want you to feel like you’re getting the support you need. We’re not all lucky enough to find the perfect fit first time around, and so if your current VA isn’t working out, that doesn’t mean another VA won’t. Several of my clients worked with other VAs before finding me. If you think I might be a better fit than your current VA, I’d love to talk to you about what your current situation is and how you’d like it to be different. If I feel we’d work well together and I can help, I’ll offer to. If not, I’ll be honest with you and I’ll do my best to give you some practical advice.
  6. I need a service that I don’t think you offer.
    I want to help as many small businesses as possible, so if you’re looking for support in an area I don’t cover, it could still be worth getting in touch. I have a close network of trusted professionals that I can call on when a request falls outside of my own skill set. I’ll either refer you on or contract the work on your behalf, depending on the situation. Please drop me an email at [email protected] to let me know what you need.