Set yourself free with help from a dedicated Virtual Assistant

Friendly support for businesses with ambition and  creatives who want to focus on their strengths

  Want to make changes to the way you’re managing your workload?

  Perhaps you’re wondering what you can gain from working with a VA, or how easy it’d be to get started?

I can answer those questions for you, but first, let’s talk about your goals.

You’re here because you have ambition and you want to grow your business.

You need more space to work on the things you love, and you need to reduce the amount of stress that’s coming from elsewhere.

Hire me as your virtual assistant and give yourself the freedom to work with fewer barriers.  

What my clients say...

  1. Executive Director
    Lea Rice
    Digital Marketer
    “I need to work with someone approachable and friendly. Corporate talk is not something I am keen on, and Emma fast became a friend as well as a colleague.”
  2. Executive Director
    Jayne Hardy
    The Blurt Foundation
    "Emma is an absolute pleasure to work with; she's efficient, reliable, kind, personable, accommodating, and a really good egg. I would recommend Emma without a shadow of a doubt."
  3. Executive Director
    Hayley Williams
    Keystone Marketing Ltd.
    "As soon as I met Emma, I knew that her professionalism would be a great fit for our business. Her efficiency was astounding! She kept to time, communicated fully and added real value as an extra pair of eyes on the project. I completely trusted her and valued her opinion.”

How can I help you?

  Find the freedom you need…

  One of the most challenging things about running a business is having to wear so many hats.​​

Especially when that means having to cut down on the fun, creative stuff that you love, or the tasks that will drive your business forward and result in growth.

You want more freedom to work with the people or brands that you like on projects that excite you, and you want to grow and pursue your ambitions.

All the other stuff can get in the way, but I want you to realise that it doesn’t have to.

  Play to your strengths…  

  With the right level of support from someone you trust, you can spend more time playing to your strengths.​​

Perhaps you:

- Love creating social media posts, but don’t enjoy scheduling.

- Get excited about writing email newsletters, but struggle when it comes to formatting them.

- Have a big idea for a new service or product, and not enough time or resources to make it happen.

- Like to write blog posts, but don’t have the best eye for spelling and grammar.

- Have heaps of ideas for content, but struggle to stick to a posting schedule.
  Whatever it is that’s slowing down your workflow, perhaps it’s time you set yourself free?

My services include:

  1. Diary & email management
  2. Social media management
  3. Email newsletters
  4. Online research
  5. Proofreading & copyediting
  6. General admin

What will you gain?

  Hire me as your VA and you’ll get more than just a bit of extra time. You’ll get:
- Simple processes that allow you to get more done in less time.

- The freedom to focus on your strengths and passions.

- More opportunity to invest in your own development.

- The space - in your head and in your day - to focus on creating something amazing.

- Support from someone with a different skill set to your own.

- The clear head you need to give client work your all.
And, as well as all that, you’ll get a friend in your corner who gets your business and wants you to succeed (whatever your version of success might look like).

More kind words from my lovely clients...

  1. Executive Director
    Mel MacColl
    Life Coach
    “Before I hired Emma I was wasting a lot of precious time on tasks I didn't really understand, which led to poor time management and frustration. Emma very quickly understood my needs and was great to work with.”
  2. Executive Director
    Gwen Deloux
    WRVS Benevolent Trust
    “We needed a constant online presence to increase awareness of the Trust. We now have an engaged community of followers on social media whereas we barely had an online presence before. We know that our social media is in safe hands and that we can rely on Emma.”
  3. Executive Director
    Krissy Monaghan
    Mess Around Ltd
    “Emma has always delivered all tasks on time and has helped put templates and processes in place which I didn’t have time to do before. Just having the peace of mind that she’s there to help out during busy periods is such a relief and reduces so much stress.”
  4. Executive Director
    Sue Keogh
    “I asked Emma for help and it was one of those jobs that, yes, I could have done myself, but by passing it on to Emma I knew it would actually get done! She is incredibly professional, yet personable, which is exactly what I'm looking for in someone representing my business.”
  5. Executive Director
    Tamara Baranova
    Digital Marketer
    “I needed someone who I could trust to write social media content to promote my blog posts. With Emma onboard, I never have to worry about having a backlog of content just sitting there awaiting promotion.”
  6. Executive Director
    Ben Sowter
    QS Quacquarelli Symonds
    "Not all experienced assistants will make effective VAs, but Emma is a diamond. In less than a fortnight working with her, I could feel some of the unnecessary pressure around managing my schedule release and that's what you need - right in the early stages to feel your life getting easier, quickly."
  7. Executive Director
    Ursula Wood
    Resilience Coach
    "I use Emma's service for proofreading my content, as spelling and grammar has never been my strongest point! From my initial introductory chat with Emma, I knew she was conscientious and thorough. She is also extremely professional and understanding of my needs (dyslexia). Plus she's very easy to get on with :)"
  8. Executive Director
    Lea Rice
    Digital Marketer
    "I really needed someone who could work flexibly around my crazy schedule, could learn new scheduling tools really quickly and who has a sharp eye for proofreading, as in the grip of a creative spurt I can occasionally forget that all-important last check."
  9. Executive Director
    Hannah Ware
    Complementary Therapist
    "I needed a special sort of person who I could just say “can you do this?” and leave them to it. I hit it off with Emma and felt that I could trust her from the outset. My Facebook page traffic has increased dramatically and she works her magic on my monthly newsletter. I value her opinion and can ask her anything."

About me

  In case we haven’t already been introduced… Hi, I’m Emma.

  I’m a virtual assistant with a simple goal:  

I want to help passionate, big-hearted entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level

Get to know me

I work from my home office near St. Ives, Cambridgeshire.

I’m a proud mum to three wonderful children who have grown into young adults far too fast, and I’m very lucky that they are all incredibly supportive of my business.

My loving fiancé runs a signwriting business, and it was his belief in me that gave me the courage to start my own business following redundancy in 2016.

I dream of one day living by the sea with a beautiful view, and until then I enjoy long scenic walks and spending time at the beach.

When I’m not busy transforming the working lives of my lovely clients, I enjoy sewing, painting and singing along to my favourite 80s tracks – none of which I’m all that good at!

  Here are a few things I believe to be true:  

You have to work hard if you want to succeed, but that doesn’t mean long hours are essential. With smart processes and the right support, you can have a successful business and a healthy work-life balance.

Maintaining good mental health while running a business is an absolute priority. We can only do our best if we’re feeling confident and supported.

It’s important to try and make a difference with your work. To try and find ways of giving back and making the world just that tiny bit better.

Success isn’t about money or fame. All most of us really want is a comfortable life where we can enjoy our work and spend more quality time with the people we love.

Case studies

Lea Rice, Digital Marketing Specialist at Lea Rice Communications

  Lea’s challenge
 When content creator Lea spotted a pattern of procrastination each time it came to the tasks she didn’t love, she realised she needed to take action – both for the sake of her business and for her own well-being.
“I would lose HOURS to social media scheduling because I disliked it so much. Rather than get it over with quickly, my natural default was to procrastinate, let myself get distracted and waste hours doing a simple job.”
  The solution
Rather than continuing to waste time on the tasks that drained her, Lea decided to outsource.
  “I really needed someone who could work flexibly around my crazy schedule, could learn new scheduling tools really quickly and who has a sharp eye for proofreading, as in the grip of a creative spurt I can occasionally forget that all-important last check.”  
  The outcome
  “Emma now helps me with social media scheduling and newsletter formatting, and I suspect I’ll be adding to those tasks in the future!”
As well as having the peace of mind that those tasks are getting done efficiently, Lea also has more freedom to focus on the creative aspects of her work.
“I can now spend less time doing the tasks I don’t enjoy and more time strategically and creatively surging my business forward.”

Krissy Monaghan, Director of Mess Around Ltd.
(A provider of multi-sensory, messy play experiences in over 200 locations across the UK)

  Krissy’s challenge
   Taking on new franchisees across the UK meant Krissy’s business was growing quickly. Setting each new partner up with the equipment they needed to start their business wasn’t the best use of her time.  
“I really struggled with time management. There just weren’t enough hours in the day for me to get everything done, and I needed help in order for my business to continue to grow.” 
   The solution
  Krissy didn’t want to commit to taking on an employee and liked the flexibility that working with a VA offered.  
   “Emma is there as and when I need extra support, and I don’t have to worry about finding work for her during quieter times, we just adjust our contract according to how busy I am.” 
 The outcome
    "When we first started working together, Emma helped order in all the franchise equipment, but she’s helped with so much more since then! She’s created and scheduled social media content, written blog posts and activity sheets, and tracks sales and reports the figures back to me. Nothing is too much trouble. Just having the peace of mind that she’s there to help out during busy periods is such a relief and reduces so much stress.”

Next steps

    If you’re serious about taking control of the way you spend your working days, my FREE 1:1 consultation is the next step.

Before we chat download my FREE worksheet to help you identify the tasks you loathe, like and love.

You can’t beat having that kind of clarity. It’ll help you to focus on the stuff that’s important to you in your work, and that’s the first step towards giving yourself permission to go after it.